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Get Off My Lawn

Rock Band, playing around Des Moines, Iowa

Six "Well Seasoned" musicians still looking for a good time.

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The concept for Get Off My Lawn got a kick start in 2012, when seasoned area musicians Jeff Martin, Steve Matthews and Mike Condon reaffirmed that once music is in the blood it doesn't go away regardless of age. So the idea was born to put together a new band to bring some unique and perhaps less frequently performed 60's and 70's classic rock music to regional audiences. The aspiration was to choose and perform a quality repertoire, with an emphasis on songs featuring multi-part vocals and the ability to showcase individual and collective band member talents.

Mike connected with long-time friend and guitar-playing band mate Paul Wilson, as well as keyboardist/vocalist Chris Baszczynski. The three had performed together briefly in another configuration several years back and so there was an established familiarity. The search for band completeness took us through a few bass players, including the very talented Bob Sauerman, whom we sadly lost to cancer in 2015. Fate turned around and brought Jim Dunn to our current line-up, both as a skilled bassist and also providing additional vocal range.

Getting to a band name actually didn't take very long -- it plays to the serious intensity as well as the fun factor that each of us brings to rehearsals and performances, not to mention the general vintage of band members. Expressing our inner musical passions brings balance to our lives and professional careers and we look to share that with others. So as we often say to our friends, fans and audiences .......

Peace, Love and Get Off My Lawn!!

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